Video Clips 16

Video Clips 16

Person 1: A lot of people on marches, would be grateful for the number that are still streaming in, and it’s twenty past four. There’s far far more than the authorities estimated. Fantastic.

Interviewer: So do you think we could possibly stop the war?

Person 1: I’m fifty-fifty on that one. Possibly, possibly not. At least we can say in a few years time, ‘well I was there, and I did my bit.’

Person 2: I had to be here today, because I understand what the situation is, and it’s completely unfair. And it’s fantastic to see, all groups, all diverse minorities, and majorities here, it’s just fantastic.

It’s just awful out there, we claim to be a democratic country, and we’ve got… We have to stop enforcing our liberal ideas on other countries. I’m totally against Saddam Hussein and his dictatorship, but, we keep trying to Westernise other Eastern countries, and it’s just awful. And this is the problem with justice at the moment. We have no right to go over there. This is what state sovereignty is all about.

Person 3: We do not want to go to war. We think it’s a bad idea, and Bush is just, thinks US is the best country in the world

Person 4: And, no, I feel that, there’s not really a lot of thought gone into this. It’s been very, it’s been such a quick decision. I think the governments of the world need to think before they act, because, their actions affect everyone, and as you can see, all the people here, they feel so strongly against this. Especially the youth of this country.

All three: STOP THE WAR!

Video Clips 17

Video Clips 17

Interviewer: Do you think it’s possible that this war could stop?

Person 1: It’s very possible. Yes.

Interviewer: If you could say any thing to Tony Blair, what would it be?

Person 1: Particularly to Tony Blair, we’ve lost, you’ve sold out to us. We’ve lost our faith in you. And it’s extremely disappointing to the people who put you in power. You’ve now tried to make us powerless. And that, is a cruel conceit for a politician.

I do believe that a deal has been struck with the Americans, for the future of the Middle East, and the consequences of that…

Interviewer: Where does democracy stand in all of this?

Person 1: Democracy has very little to do with it.

Person 2: Commercialism seems to be the driving force now. And there’s no understanding of true democracy. And its very disappointing. And what future is there for our children. You know?… We all believe different things, and there’s no common belief any more, you know, we’re all very confused.

Person 1: Though there is some hope. If this wasn’t here today, there wouldn’t be any hope, and it wouldn’t be recognised. So that’s a good thing.

Interviewer: Do you think that the United Nations is still legitimate?

Person 1: If they say yes to the war, they are no longer legitimate. If they say no to the war, they are made legitimate by the people. Yes.

Person 2: I’m here because I don’t think that by bombing innocent people you will stop terrorism, and I can’t see how erm, killing Iraqi women and children is going to achieve anything, except for hurt to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re killed by an American bomb, or gas from Saddam Hussein, it’s no less painful, and I don’t see that we should be involved in killing more of those poor people.

I think its just a lot of arm twisting going on in politics, and you can see by the American reaction to France and Germany, to whom I take off my ‘hat’, that there trying to strong-arm them into complying, and trying to rubbish them and ridicule them. Those are tactics of corruption, and I think that’s not an example that should be followed by the rest of the world. It doesn’t bode well for democracy. It doesn’t bode well for the UN. It certainly shows the US up for the imperialists that they are, and pretend not to be.

I think our prime minister is doing what he truly believes is right. I think he’s misguided, and I think that ninety percent of the people are against it, and I think that he should listen to them.

We’re not for this war, we pay our taxes. Our taxes are being used to drop bombs on people and we don’t want it.