Video Clips 10

Video Clips 10

Person 1: Could I say that I’d like everybody to attack ‘Bob Gaunt’ right, and ‘Don’t Attack Iraq’. Yeah. Thank you.

Person 2: I’d like to say, that I’ve come here because I’m unsure. And if I’m unsure, then we can’t bomb them. And that’s it. Cheers man!

Person 3: People had posters saying, you know, that Bush has said, ‘there should be limits to freedom’, which obviously is one of the most ridiculous things you could ever say. But Bush has said that.

Person 4: I’d just like to say, it’s the most fantastic experience being here with so many hundreds of thousands of people, all trying to say the same thing. It’s just, just great. And we’re, just pleased to be here. Thirty three years since I’ve been on a demonstration, it’s nice to be on another one.

Interviewer: Do you think we can stop the war?

Person 4: I’m sure we can, I’m sure Blair can’t ignore this many hundreds of people. He’s just got to take notice of them.

Interviewer: What would you say to the forces?

Person 4: Oh, they’ve just got to obey orders, and hope that we can stop it from this end. They can’t, they can’t disobey their orders, but we hope we can stop it from this end.

Just listen to us Tony, just listen. I voted for you, Please listen.

Person 4: There’s no UN mandate for it. And even if there was, that’s no justification, because there’s nothing that’s been going on that justifies going in there for a war. Your just going to hurt innocent people

And why should we do whatever America tells us to do, as well. The people in this park, are just a minute – minority of the people in the UK that aren’t pro this war. And Blair needs to listen to what people are saying. We don’t want this war.

Overthrow him legitimately. It’s a complex situation, when there’s people out there; you don’t want to hurt people, but there’s different ways to go about it. Not the way that’s going about it at the moment. The sanctions haven’t necessarily been working, but, there’s different ways to go about things.

It’s not being done in the right way. And it’s not been done in a way that’s supported by the people either.

Person 5: And we feel it’s been one hell of a campaign, and we just hope that they take some notice of if, because if they don’t, they’re a disgrace.

For Goodness sake, listen to the people Tony. Listen to the people.

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