Video Clips 14

Video Clips 14

Person 1: I think it’s been a very successful march. Especially people from all sorts of age, from grannies, to young kids, everyone’s been really friendly, a good atmosphere. And if Tony Blair doesn’t take notice of this. If he doesn’t make a U-Turn soon, he’s in big trouble himself, that’s what I would like to say.

I don’t understand them. I believe Bush just wants the oil. America’s got ten years reserve in their oil. He wants to secure a puppet in Iraq. Whatever he does, it’s going to make things much much worse. It’s going to be a spread of terrorism in the whole area. And if he can only see sense and pull back before it’s too late. There’s a massive protest against him. Tony Blair really has to try and convince them to pull back before it’s too late.

The United Nations is weak because it’s dominated by Americans. I don’t understand why the United Nations can’t be given more time. They must be given more time to do the job properly. Iraq is full of spies and spy planes, if there’s something there, they’ll find it, if you just give them the time to do it.

I feel terribly sorry for anybody whose caught up in a war. I feel very sorry for the families. And I’m sure that the soldiers don’t want it. It’s not a just war. It’s not a war that they should be going to. And I just hope that people can pray for peace, and somehow change their minds. And come back and stop the war now. Thank you everybody here, for making it a wonderful afternoon. Lets have peace. Lets pray for peace. We can make a difference. Situations like this can make a difference, and I believe it will make a difference. Thank you.

Person 2: I think the United Nations was established to set up a framework, between the nations of the world to avoid war, and I think the United States is trying to get around that framework. And I think they should respect it, and they should allow the UN inspectors time to complete their job.

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