Video Clips 3

Video Clips 3

Person 1: It’s great to be here. It’s an extraordinary, if feels like an extraordinary time, an extraordinary day, and a sort of crucible in a way – so many people to be coming together like this.

Yeah, I’m sure it gives people who make the decisions, great pause for thought.

I mean I, you know, I come from South Africa, where there’s just been so much war, you know, and it just sort of, in the end, doesn’t seem to get you where you want to go

Person 2: It’s been a fantastic turn out, and from my understanding, I got a text message earlier on from somebody that had been in the park quite a lot longer – to say that over a million peoples’ turned out and I just think that’s fantastic. I just hope that somebody will take some notice of us – that’s it.

And I think the saddest thing is that you can’t tout us as a so-called expression of western democracy, when, I don’t see any democratic processes going on at the moment.

Person 3: Well what I want to say is that, you know they were talking about the different clauses for war, and the different reasons for war, one of them was democracy. And as a British Muslim that just stuck in my throat, cos if Blair cared about democracy, we wouldn’t be doing this march, because he would be representing his people. And if Bush gave a shit about democracy as well, Al Gore would be president of the USA. That’s all I care about – It’s just a farce.

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