Video Clips 7

Video Clips 7

Person 1: Yeah I think it’s great that there’s a million, there’s talk of a million and a half people being here. I think it’s superb that we’ve got that many people come, who’ve come to London, and prepared to show their opposition to a war in Iraq which doesn’t have the support of the British people.

There’s no evidence that Saddam is a threat to the west. There’s no evidence that he’s a threat to anyone until we start attacking him, which is the time that he becomes most dangerous, because he’s likely to lash out.

I think that if there is a war, then it’s much more likely that, there will be an increase in extremism. There will be a backlash against the West.

Person 2: We’re making ourselves enemies. We’re doing exactly what the terrorists want us to do, we’re making the West look like – or Blair and Bush are making the West look like they are against Islam, they are attacking etc. We’re feeding their propaganda machine

Person 1: And I’m sure Bin-Laden would love to have a war, cos it means there will be a huge backlash against America for Al-Qaeda projects

Interviewer: So do you think then, that means that Bin Laden has somehow succeeded.

Person 1: I think if there is a war, then yes, in a way, he will be seen to have succeeded. If war happens with the sanctity of the United Nations, then it will show that the United Nations Charter has been violated

Person 3: I don’t know, I think the whole position is becoming very doubtful, because the way everything is being split, is rather questioning the validity of it anyway, and also I question that when you’ve got so many people who have a veto, rights on it, how can you make a democratic decision.

Do you think a veto is democratic?

No, it doesn’t make sense actually – at all to me. But then I’m not wordly-wise with politics – it just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Interviewer: What do you think of George Bush when he uses words like ‘Truth’, ‘Justice’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Peace’, and…

Person 3: Well he’s obviously looking at a different dictionary to me <laughs>

Interviewer: Do you think we can stop this war?

Person 3: No, sadly. I don’t think so, because I don’t know – I mean, from what you can see of the way the American system is behaving, I don’t think we’re going to stop ‘something’ happening on that level. I mean, I’d like to be idealistic and say ‘yes’, but I think at this stage ‘no’. But I think if we keep on going, even if it starts, we can have some effect. I mean it was shown in, you know, twenty years ago, with the Vietnam situation, eventually people have to take some notice. But whether they’re going to take notice at this point enough to say ‘we’re not going to do it’ is another question.

Child Person 4: All I’d like to say is to say that they would ‘stop the war’, because I think that well, Palestinian kids and Iraqi kids are getting really hurt and that, it’s not fair. What have they done to America? So, I don’t think it’s that fair to have war. And I think that this demonstration would work.

They think that Iraqi kids are just useless, that you can’t get anything out of them, but really that, it’s not true. That’s just all they’re thinking.

Just STOP the war.

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