A Big Thank You

On the Fifteenth of February 2003 we took a video camera into London to interview people’s thoughts and opinions regarding the buildup to the Iraq War.

The interviews – recorded on that day – reflect the ‘straight-forward‘, ‘common-sense‘ points of view that were being expressed by the large numbers of people at the time.

“The people of the world do not want war…”

the purpose of this site,
is to be an archive for those views…
the content speaks for itself.

A “Big Thank-You”to
everyone who spoke to camera…

Video Clips 1 – “It’s just a case of killing people, which I don’t think is right”

Person 1:

It’s just a case of killing people, which I don’t think is right. I’m sure if it was, if it was, you know, your family, or my family or Tony Blair’s family – for that’s sake; I think you’d have a different opinion on that, I really do. And I really mean that. You know, it’d be a different situation, when it comes to a family, you know, and families are what these people are ruining, whether its Iraqi families or whoever’s family. I think that’s, you know, at the end of the day, people are going to die.”

Person 2:

“It’s all, I think it’s all revenge for nine eleven. They have a different culture, they are not like us, they, these people, for them this is a religious war. For us, it’s about oil or something. But I really think its about revenge for what happened in New York in 2001.”

“So, I don’t think it’s really worth it, because, we’ll never get anywhere with a war. And the United States should have know that because in the last decades they been like, in Vietnam and some other places that, they always lost. They always lost, they always lost, thousands of planes, they killed families. Before I came to London, actually from Portugal, I’ve seen some er – news coverage, for that girl – that girl ‘Kim’, that was bombed with napalm in Vietnam. Today she has her skin all burned out, for what? … heroin and cocaine and…”

Person 1:

“I think for America to have the total power, I think what they need yeah, to have the total power is a lot to do with the economy which I know pretty much nothing about. But, it’s like the economy, and I think that if they own the oil, then they pretty much own the lot, and I think that’s what they want, and you know somemat-like that. My names Mark, reporting from Trafalgar Square, on the news today… 15th of February – and we’re aving it! – No War.”

Person 3:

Just that they shouldn’t go to war, and what happened on nine eleven was yeah, was wrong, and that’s basically it, there’s not a lot else you can say


“That says it all I think”

Person 3:

“That says it all”


“It’s simple”

Person 3:


Sign Reads:


Video Clips 2 – “Ok, well, my opinion is that the war is wrong”

2 x Stewards:


Person 1:

“Ok, well, my opinion is that the war is wrong, and hopefully if Bush and Blair have any sense of reason, in them, then they’ll see that this is the wrong thing to do. That there are other alternatives.

I think the Prime Minister is putting ordinary service men’s, and service woman’s families, in a vary precarious position. I think because, morally a lot of people in this country, and I’d say the vast proportion, probably see this war as being untenable. And I think it’s going to make it very, very difficult for them to carry out their duties knowing that there’s no real moral imperative to do it.

And that must undermine their own confidence and commitment.

I’d say, ‘reconsider other options.‘Go back to the UN, don’t seek a second resolution in order to support the idea of war, and basically listen to the British people.… Thank you…  Bye bye”

Person 2:

“Right we’re demonstrating today against the war on Iraq. We believe that this is a war for oil. And it’s not a war for – about weapons of mass destruction. The only country that has weapons of mass destruction, that’s used them is the US. And I don’t think bombing a country into the stone-age is going to save them. Thank you.”

Child Person 1:

I think it’s like really good, cos like, they’re trying to get the war to stop. So, like there’s not people starve to death and die… like the festival, and giving money. It’s really good… I think it’s because of the two-towers getting fallen down. I think Bush is angry, and he doesn’t know what to do. He just wants to attack Iraq. I would tell him to stop, because it’s just bad, killing people. He’s like, making people starve. He could be because if he goes and sets wars, people, they might loose their Mums and starve to death, and their Dads and stuff it’s bad.”

Child Person 2:

I think we can stop the war. Yeah“.

Video Clips 3 – “It’s great to be here. It’s an extraordinary, if feels like an extraordinary time…”

Person 1:

It’s great to be here. It’s an extraordinary, if feels like an extraordinary time, an extraordinary day, and a sort of crucible in a way – so many people to be coming together like this.

it’s extraordinary… it’s quite emotional”


“Do you think we can stop this war?”

Person 1:

I don’t know … I really don’t know… I think it’s hard … I think it must make people… pause for thought, having this level of people – sort of – showing themselves up to be counted. and it’s not just here. It’s in so many different places

“Yeah, I’m sure it gives people who make the decisions, great pause for thought.”

“I mean I, you know, I come from South Africa, where there’s just been so much war, you know, and it just sort of, in the end, doesn’t seem to get you where you want to go…”

Person 2:

It’s been a fantastic turn out, and from my understanding, I got a text message earlier on from somebody that had been in the park quite a lot longer – to say that over a million people turned out and I just think that’s fantastic.”


“it’s got a million 500 on that screen over there…”

Person 2:

“Really, i can’t see that far”  <laughs> “I mean that’s just fantastic, and just hope that somebody will just take notice,  that’s it…

well, they’re not reflecting any public opinion that I’m aware of…

And I think the saddest thing is that you can’t tout us as a so-called expression of western democracy, when, I don’t see any democratic processes going on at the moment.”

Person 3:

“Well what I want to say is that, you know they were talking about the different clauses for war, and the different reasons for war, one of them was democracy. And as a British Muslim that just stuck in my throat, cos if Blair cared about democracy, we wouldn’t be doing this march, because he would be representing his people. And if Bush gave a shit about democracy as well, Al Gore would be president of the USA. That’s all I care about – It’s just a farce.”