Video Clips 4 – “And there’s another way to do it, there’s always a peaceful way”

Person 1:

The war is definitely going to affect the industry really badly, the travel industry especially, yeah. And we don’t believe that this should happen, and I think this is so wrong. And there’s another way to do it, there’s always a peaceful way.

And war, you cannot win anything. It’s not going to solve anything. The industry is going to get affected, nobody’s going to fly. The last Gulf war, it took ten years for the industry to recover. And we’re not going to have a repeat of this. The economy is going down. America is going down, and it’s going to affect us all. I mean travel is worth seven billion in this country. How can we just ignore it?

So I’d like to say to Bush and Blair, ‘Please stop this nonsense! <laughs>

You know, I don’t think there’s such a thing as democracy. I think, you know, the term for democracy is not used properly. I think it’s all sort of distorted. And people just take it so for granted, ‘democracy’ … How can? – there’s no democracy in this world at all! It’s all capitalism in this world, and capitalism are all controlled and organised. There’s no freedom. All freedoms are selective and they are all controlled. So, actually, were not living in a world of… we’re not in a democracy at the moment.

I really believe that at the end of the day, the United Nations can, you know, can do their bit and talk, but I actually don’t believe we’re ready for a big war, and I don’t think you know – there’s a lot of people here, normal people like us who are actually living, you know we are in reali(ty)… you know we live in the real world.

I think Bush and Blair, they don’t live in the real world. They’ve lost the plot. They live in a different wavelength altogether.”


“So what world do they live in?”

Person 1:

Yeah, they live in their ‘own’ world. They don’t understand the real people, how it affects us. It’s not… if the war happens, it’s not going affect Bush, it’s not going to affect Blair, it’s not going to affect all their cronies, or Saddam Hussein. It’s people like us that will get affected.”


“Good for you…”


“So, do you think we can stop this war?”

Person 1:

“We… I’m sure we can, and I think they should start listening to us – Two million people here, and this is just people taking part. I think there are so many people around the world that don’t believe in it, and we’ll keep praying. And that is the only, that’s our only solution… Thanks”

Video Clips 5 – “Well, it’s an absolutely brilliant bloody performance, by ordinary people”

Person 1:

Well, it’s an absolutely brilliant bloody performance, by ordinary people.”

[edit note: … I was thinking of this term bloody – for people – a ‘swear word’? … we are bloody… we are filled with blood – it is the flow of life … kinda ‘sacred’ really… don’t you think? … some people, do they really ever ‘think’ at all?]

What Bush and Blair are actually planning is so disgusting, so bloody lousy. It’s a war for oil, you know, and the people have just come out and that. They’re not taken in by the arguments.”

There’s so much disinformation coming from there, you know, where are, where are ya? Well, there lying like nobody’s business. The dossier, the British dossier, you know against Saddam actually turns out to be a con right from start to finish; people are bloody angry, and they’re against this war.”

The point is that the United States rulers are actually out for oil. That’s what the thing’s all about, and people are not taken in by the lies. They have not made the case for war, it’s all about a war for oil.”

I say Blair, you’re a sodding liar. Get lost, you know, go out of power, your absolutely … morally you’re disgusting, just go, you know, that’s what we say to Blair. Thank you very much”

Person 2:

It’s very double-standard I should say for Blair and Bush to do that, to pick up the United Nations resolutions when they want, when it’s convenient for them, especially for oil…

What about the United Nations resolution for Israel. They’re not following it for the last fifty years. Why don’t they go and attack Israel?

I think the United Nations should think before they make their resolutions, all the countries should think what they’re making, and the United Nations should pressurise Blair and Bush, especially – all the countries who can veto.”

Why these five countries only have the power to veto?

“They should change the whole management of the United Nations also. They should think in those lines also, after the war.”

This is democracy, look at the amount of people telling the government what they want.

And Blair gave the speech this morning, totally contradictive of himself. When he used the word ‘democracy’ I don’t think he knows the meaning of democracy. That’s not democracy at all.”

Video Clips 6 – “Make Love not War / I don’t like that America are attacking Iraq, because they are after the oil and money / War is not the answer”


Passer By:

Peace and Love <laughs> Sorry, I’ve got a mouth full of biscuits here!”

Person 1:

“We are very against the war against Iraq. I’m a pacifist. I don’t like that America are attacking Iraq, because they are after the oil and money. Not to help the people… I don’t think so.”

Person 2:

All we can say is that, it’s been a great turn-out here.”

Person 3:

Yeah, ‘NO’ to war.”

Person 2:

“Yeah, carry on…”

Person 3:

“No, I’m not saying any more…”

Person 2:

“I would like to send a message to George Bush: If you’re watching this right now, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. ‘Stop chocking on your pretzel! Get off of your high-horse! Stop listening to all those diplomats! Listen to the public around here,’ and we’ve got one thing to say, ‘War is not the answer‘… Thank you very much.”

Person 4:

I’m here today to protest against the war.”

“Well, except for the fact that I think we should ‘Make Love not War,’ I think America should think about what the rest of the world has to say, and just don’t go by itself... and listen to the UN and the other countries.”

And well, furthermore, I think we should all stay together, and be nice to each other, instead of kill each other.

Video Clips 7 – “Yeah I think it’s great that … there’s talk of a million and a half people being here … Just STOP the war”

Person 1:

Yeah I think it’s great that there’s a million, there’s talk of a million and a half people being here. I think it’s superb that we’ve got that many people come, who’ve come to London, and prepared to show their opposition to a war in Iraq which doesn’t have the support of the British people.”

There’s no evidence that Saddam is a threat to the west. There’s no evidence that he’s a threat to anyone until we start attacking him, which is the time that he becomes most dangerous, because he’s likely to lash out.”

I think that if there is a war, then it’s much more likely that, there will be an increase in extremism. There will be a backlash against the West.”

Person 2:

We’re making ourselves enemies. We’re doing exactly what the terrorists want us to do, we’re making the West look like – or Blair and Bush are making the West look like they are against Islam, they are attacking etc. We’re feeding their propaganda machine…”

Person 1:

And I’m sure Bin-Laden would love to have a war, cos it means there will be a huge backlash against America for Al-Qaeda projects.”


“So do you think then, that means that Bin Laden has somehow succeeded?”

Person 1:

“I think if there is a war, then yes, in a way, he will be seen to have succeeded. If war happens with the sanctity of the United Nations, then it will show that the United Nations Charter has been violated…”

Person 3:

“I don’t know, I think the whole position is becoming very doubtful, because the way everything is being split, is rather questioning the validity of it anyway, and also I question that when you’ve got so many people who have a veto, rights on it, how can you make a democratic decision?


Do you think a veto is democratic?”

No, it doesn’t make sense actually – at all to me. But then I’m not wordly-wise with politics – it just doesn’t seem to make sense.”


What do you think of George Bush when he uses words like ‘Truth’, ‘Justice’, ‘Democracy’, ‘Freedom’, ‘Peace’, and...”

Person 3:

Well he’s obviously looking at a different dictionary to me…” <laughs>


“Do you think we can stop this war?”

Person 3:

“No, sadly. I don’t think so, because I don’t know – I mean, from what you can see of the way the American system is behaving, I don’t think we’re going to stop ‘something’ happening on that level. I mean, I’d like to be idealistic and say ‘yes’, but I think at this stage ‘no’. But I think if we keep on going, even if it starts, we can have some effect. I mean it was shown in, you know, twenty years ago, with the Vietnam situation, eventually people have to take some notice. But whether they’re going to take notice at this point enough to say ‘we’re not going to do it’ is another question.”

Child Person 4:

All I’d like to say is to say that they would ‘stop the war’, because I think that well, Palestinian kids and Iraqi kids are getting really hurt and that, it’s not fair. What have they done to America? So, I don’t think it’s that fair to have war. And I think that this demonstration would work.

They think that Iraqi kids are just useless, that you can’t get anything out of them, but really that, it’s not true. That’s just all they’re thinking.”

Just STOP the war

Video Clips 8 – “I’m here because they’re lying to us really …. / …. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

Person 1:

I’m here because they’re lying to us really. If they said that they wanted to get rid of Saddam, I’d be very happy. I’ve been marching against Saddam since before he bombed Halabja, and it would have been nice to see some more than, there was about a hundred and fifty of us after Halabja, on that march – no MPs, didn’t – Well there was Corbett I think, but Tony Blair certainly wasn’t there. If he said now, we’d like to get rid of Saddam, I’d be very happy, and I’d march for him. But to say its because of Al-Qaeda, and it’s because of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ – what of load of rubbish, huh?

“I’m surprised, the media seems to be very anti-war…”

But I think the thing that we miss here in Britain, is that Bush is just obsessed with finishing of what his dad did, and for him it’s a personal crusade for his Dad.”

What about the UN resolutions against Israel ?, you know, it’d be really nice to see resolutions against Israeli behaviour taken seriously, cos so far its yet to happen. I think the Palestinian question is a big issue, and bombing Iraq really isn’t going to help that much.”


Why are you here?

Person 2:

“Because I think it’s a terrible idea that we’re going to go and murder people for an imperialist war in Iraq.”

I just don’t believe them, I just think they’re talking rubbish. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

I just think it’s time to start listening to … the things that really make sense.”

This doesn’t make any sense at all to me, it’s just violence, and corruption, and evil and wrong. That’s all I’ve got to say. Thank you very much.”