Video Clips 2 – “Ok, well, my opinion is that the war is wrong”

2 x Stewards:


Person 1:

“Ok, well, my opinion is that the war is wrong, and hopefully if Bush and Blair have any sense of reason, in them, then they’ll see that this is the wrong thing to do. That there are other alternatives.

I think the Prime Minister is putting ordinary service men’s, and service woman’s families, in a vary precarious position. I think because, morally a lot of people in this country, and I’d say the vast proportion, probably see this war as being untenable. And I think it’s going to make it very, very difficult for them to carry out their duties knowing that there’s no real moral imperative to do it.

And that must undermine their own confidence and commitment.

I’d say, ‘reconsider other options.‘Go back to the UN, don’t seek a second resolution in order to support the idea of war, and basically listen to the British people.… Thank you… ¬†Bye bye”

Person 2:

“Right we’re demonstrating today against the war on Iraq. We believe that this is a war for oil. And it’s not a war for – about weapons of mass destruction. The only country that has weapons of mass destruction, that’s used them is the US. And I don’t think bombing a country into the stone-age is going to save them. Thank you.”

Child Person 1:

I think it’s like really good, cos like, they’re trying to get the war to stop. So, like there’s not people starve to death and die… like the festival, and giving money. It’s really good… I think it’s because of the two-towers getting fallen down. I think Bush is angry, and he doesn’t know what to do. He just wants to attack Iraq. I would tell him to stop, because it’s just bad, killing people. He’s like, making people starve. He could be because if he goes and sets wars, people, they might loose their Mums and starve to death, and their Dads and stuff it’s bad.”

Child Person 2:

I think we can stop the war. Yeah“.

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