Video Clips 4 – “And there’s another way to do it, there’s always a peaceful way”

Person 1:

The war is definitely going to affect the industry really badly, the travel industry especially, yeah. And we don’t believe that this should happen, and I think this is so wrong. And there’s another way to do it, there’s always a peaceful way.

And war, you cannot win anything. It’s not going to solve anything. The industry is going to get affected, nobody’s going to fly. The last Gulf war, it took ten years for the industry to recover. And we’re not going to have a repeat of this. The economy is going down. America is going down, and it’s going to affect us all. I mean travel is worth seven billion in this country. How can we just ignore it?

So I’d like to say to Bush and Blair, ‘Please stop this nonsense! <laughs>

You know, I don’t think there’s such a thing as democracy. I think, you know, the term for democracy is not used properly. I think it’s all sort of distorted. And people just take it so for granted, ‘democracy’ … How can? – there’s no democracy in this world at all! It’s all capitalism in this world, and capitalism are all controlled and organised. There’s no freedom. All freedoms are selective and they are all controlled. So, actually, were not living in a world of… we’re not in a democracy at the moment.

I really believe that at the end of the day, the United Nations can, you know, can do their bit and talk, but I actually don’t believe we’re ready for a big war, and I don’t think you know – there’s a lot of people here, normal people like us who are actually living, you know we are in reali(ty)… you know we live in the real world.

I think Bush and Blair, they don’t live in the real world. They’ve lost the plot. They live in a different wavelength altogether.”


“So what world do they live in?”

Person 1:

Yeah, they live in their ‘own’ world. They don’t understand the real people, how it affects us. It’s not… if the war happens, it’s not going affect Bush, it’s not going to affect Blair, it’s not going to affect all their cronies, or Saddam Hussein. It’s people like us that will get affected.”


“Good for you…”


“So, do you think we can stop this war?”

Person 1:

“We… I’m sure we can, and I think they should start listening to us – Two million people here, and this is just people taking part. I think there are so many people around the world that don’t believe in it, and we’ll keep praying. And that is the only, that’s our only solution… Thanks”

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