Video Clips 5 – “Well, it’s an absolutely brilliant bloody performance, by ordinary people”

Person 1:

Well, it’s an absolutely brilliant bloody performance, by ordinary people.”

[edit note: … I was thinking of this term bloody – for people – a ‘swear word’? … we are bloody… we are filled with blood – it is the flow of life … kinda ‘sacred’ really… don’t you think? … some people, do they really ever ‘think’ at all?]

What Bush and Blair are actually planning is so disgusting, so bloody lousy. It’s a war for oil, you know, and the people have just come out and that. They’re not taken in by the arguments.”

There’s so much disinformation coming from there, you know, where are, where are ya? Well, there lying like nobody’s business. The dossier, the British dossier, you know against Saddam actually turns out to be a con right from start to finish; people are bloody angry, and they’re against this war.”

The point is that the United States rulers are actually out for oil. That’s what the thing’s all about, and people are not taken in by the lies. They have not made the case for war, it’s all about a war for oil.”

I say Blair, you’re a sodding liar. Get lost, you know, go out of power, your absolutely … morally you’re disgusting, just go, you know, that’s what we say to Blair. Thank you very much”

Person 2:

It’s very double-standard I should say for Blair and Bush to do that, to pick up the United Nations resolutions when they want, when it’s convenient for them, especially for oil…

What about the United Nations resolution for Israel. They’re not following it for the last fifty years. Why don’t they go and attack Israel?

I think the United Nations should think before they make their resolutions, all the countries should think what they’re making, and the United Nations should pressurise Blair and Bush, especially – all the countries who can veto.”

Why these five countries only have the power to veto?

“They should change the whole management of the United Nations also. They should think in those lines also, after the war.”

This is democracy, look at the amount of people telling the government what they want.

And Blair gave the speech this morning, totally contradictive of himself. When he used the word ‘democracy’ I don’t think he knows the meaning of democracy. That’s not democracy at all.”

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